Step 1

Cut out all the pattern shapes on the panel.

Download the pattern here: Qjutie and friends – Cuddle cloth


These are the things that we will use to create the cuddle cloth:

The panel some fiberfill yarns scissors
a needle
a pencil some pins the pattern shape

and that’s it!

Step 2

Sew the front and backside of the ear together, cut the seam, so the ear will look smoother when you turn it inside out.

Step 3

Now you can stitch the the two parts of the head together (Side C to D) Leave three cm of the bottom open

Step 4

To create the darts on top of his head you can use the pattern shape of the downloadable print out. Draw the shape of the darts on the fabric and stitch them.

Step 5

Put the ears on the right place and fix them with some pins.
Fix the side of the head to the top of the head with some pins (side E to G and F to H) and stitch them.

The head is now almost finished, you can turn it inside out and fill it with fiberfill.

Step 6

You can now start fixing the bunny head to the cloth.
Choose the print that you would like to have on top.
First, check out what the middle of the cloth is and then you can fix the head with some pins and stitch it by hand.

Step 7

Now stitch the other part of the clo- th on top. Leave a couple of cm open, approximately 7 cm.

You can now turn it inside out. Stitch the part that is left open.

It’s almost finished.

Step 8

The last step is to make knots in the corners.

And there you have your own hand made Qjutie and friends cuddle cloth.

I hope you enjoyed creating this cuddle cloth. We are very curious to see your result.

You can use the tag #Qjutiekids when you share your result on the socials.