Step 1: cut out the pattern.

Step 2: lay the fabric in half.

Step 3: lay the pattern on the fabric and pin it to the fabric.

Step 4: cut out the pattern.

Step 5: remove the pins and place right sides on top of each other..

Step 6: pin these right sides.

Step 7: cut a piece of ribbon and keep it for a while..

Step 8: start your sewing machine and stitch from the side of the tree trunk to halfway up the side of the tree.

Step 9: now fold the ribbon in half and place it at the point between the fabric (hold it well).

Step 10: continue sewing until you are on the other side of the tree trunk.

Step 11: cut the wires.

Step 12: turn the fabric over again through the bottom so that the right side is out again.

Step 13: fill the tree with the filling.

Step 14: sew the bottom.

Step 15: you are now finished and have a wonderful decoration for your Christmas tree!